Ettotronic Electronic Cluster

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Our Vision

Innovative, rational, principled and responsible use of support in the most effective and efficient way, to ensure the continuation of permanent success as a pioneer and example in the direction of electronic clustering, to have a say in foreign markets by increasing our international competitiveness with the synergy that will arise without acting together.

Purpose of Project

To ensure the clustering of companies operating in the electronics sector, to identify their training and consultancy needs and to meet these common needs. In addition, it is to accelerate the access of cluster member companies to foreign markets, to enable companies to open their products to foreign markets, and to develop technical and commercial cooperation with companies operating in similar sectors abroad.

The Importance of Clustering

Clustering is to ensure that businesses and organizations that compete with each other, complement and depend on each other, gain competitive advantages and become resistant to global competition..

Our Mission

Kayseri region, industry, technology, manufacturing and exporting a leading City firm together as a set in the sense of electronic ettotronic strengthening the infrastructure of export readiness, training, consultancy and overseas exporting firms most active in marketing activities that take place among our stakeholders by providing the technical support to ensure successful.

About the Our Cluster

Erciyes Teknopark A.Ş., the managing company of Erciyes University Technology Development Zone. 220 R&D companies from different sectors operate under its roof. By examining the sectoral distribution of companies, the development of a natural cluster in the field of electronics attracted attention and T.C. Training, consultancy, visits, meetings, etc., within the scope of supporting the Development of International Competitiveness (UR-GE) provided by the Ministry of Commerce. It is a cluster that was established by performing a needs analysis in order to determine the vision, strategies, activities and performance criteria of the cluster in order to benefit from the support in its activities.

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